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Trampoline Exercise Routines

Author: Rebo Trampoline

What’s a trampoline for if not to have fun on? Sure enough, trampoline exercise routines are good for people who avoid gyms like the plague and are bored by normal, mundane routines. A trampoline is easy to use and gentle on the joints, while also being fun to work out on.

Rebounding, which is what trampoline exercise is called, is easy on your joints as well as adaptable to your pace and intensity. What is most important is that you are well-adjusted to the feel of your trampoline before you begin using it in earnest and that you are fully comfortable working out on it.

Follow the tips given below to make the most out of your trampoline:

Remember to always wear comfortable, non-slip shoes when using the trampoline

Test out your trampoline, get your body used to it before you start exercising properly

Start with a warm-up routine for about five minutes at a slow-to-moderate pace, if you are a beginner. Your muscles need to get used to rebounding.

This is a good warm-up and cool-down exercise: from a basic starting stance, alternately lift your heels. Do not lift your toes off the trampoline and swing your arms as you would while walking.

To raise your heart rate and begin strenuous exercise, alternately lift each foot an inch or two off the mini trampoline. Move your arms as you would while jogging.

For a slightly more difficult workout, stand in the center of the mini trampoline with your feet close together. Instead of doing a basic bounce, bring your left foot forward during the bounce, touching your heel to the surface. Briefly raise your left arm up in front of you as your heel touches the surface. Repeat this for the right foot.

For another advanced routine, from a basic starting stance, bounce up. As you bounce, spread your feet apart and bring your hands over your head. Compared to a regular jumping jack done on a hard surface, bouncing on a trampoline makes this exercise easier on the joints.

Of course, these are just a few possibilities. With a trampoline, you’ve got the freedom to create your own exercise routines – exercise to the TV or your favourite music, incorporate dance steps and yoga and whatever else you are used to. All of this will help you create an exercise routine that you love doing and helps you keep in shape!

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