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Searching for Trampoline Safety? Check Out the Rectangular Trampoline!

Author: kevinhall

Trampolines are certainly a source of joy. While Kids enjoy bouncing and jumping high over it, adult alike enjoy having its fitness benefits. Jumping on a trampoline has emerged as a popular family activity for both adult alike and kids. Also, it has grown over the years into a global industry. All the fun and fitness benefits of a trampoline can be availed on any of the rectangular, circular, square or octagonal trampoline, all of which are available in various sizes.
As trampoline safety is a big issue these days, everyone wants their backyard fun to be more towards the safer side. Out of all the available shapes of trampolines, Rectangular one is considered to be the safest and circular the least.
There are a lot of factors that determine the level of safety of any trampoline shape. In the rectangular trampoline, springs are arranged in a cris-cross style that makes it more controllable and provides even that is a uniform bounce all over the jumping surface. The springs at the center stretch more and hence prevent the jumper from being thrown off the mat/bed.
The other factor that makes it safer is that the Rectangular trampolines require much durable materials, be it the jumping bed, rectangular frame or other parts, its design needs comparatively stronger materials.
These reasons not only justify the safety benefits of a rectangular trampoline but also make it well suited for being used in trampoline competitions and gymnastics.
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