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Trampoline : a Perfect Tool for Family Entertainment

Author: Barney Garcia

It all began with that famous circus show that opened at a carnival in our locality and to much of our delight we went over there to catch a show along with my two sons. But I was not at all prepared for the events following it.

Well, my otherwise quiet home was transformed into a circus itself; my two young sons - one aged four years and the other two years-suddenly started to show an exceptional affinity towards jumping on everything that displayed a spring action. The mattress in the master bedroom came to the verge of breaking down. Their own baby cots were almost gone. They did not even spare our newly bought sofa in the living room and just before I turned completely lunatic, Paul, my husband suggested a purchase of Trampoline, that could possibly better handle the little ones' jumping spree.

And thank God, it did. My two little acrobats found the trampoline, to my utter relief, a much better option to brush up with their jumping skills. And since then the trampoline has become an inseparable part of our family.

But not only for the children, jumping up and down on the resilient surface of a trampoline gives immense pleasure to the young and adults alike. Apart from its fun and entertainment value, trampoline is a great way of having some exercise. It combines fun and exercise so trickily, that with a trampoline put up in your backyard you are sure to never have any couch potatoes sprouting their little heads at and around your house.

You might not believe, but it is widely believed that the concept of trampoline was rooted in the Eskimo culture. If you ever happen to land on Anchorage airport, Alaska, you will come to see the postcards with the images of the Eskimos being tossed up in a Walrus skin. Then there were those stage acts used to be played in England, in the early days of the previous century, where some people were used to be tossed into the air to amuse the audience. These acts of amusements were used to be staged on something what were believed to be the forerunners of today's trampolines.

However, according to the circus-population the credit of inventing trampoline goes to a trapeze artist, Du Trampolin who modified the trapeze net with increased suspension that eventually took the form of today's trampoline. But it was George Nissen, who initiated the trampoline's use as outdoor activity equipment. It was during World War II that the wide use of trampoline in the training of the soldiers started and the tradition still continues.

Part II

A trampoline is a great way of unwinding with your children in those leisurely summer afternoons. But a trampoline is not all about fun and frolic it has a serious aspect and that relates to its many health benefits. Just bounce on the trampoline for just five minutes along with your children and see the differences; It will improve the oxygen supply in your cells, you will get extra strength in your weak muscles and joints, improve your aerobic capacity. The greatest benefit of trampoline jumping is that it cleanses and detoxifies your lymphatic system. The efficacy of trampoline exercise was first widely felt among the soldiers and it was soon introduced in the school level physical activities programs.

However, as with any other sports, trampoline also has its own critics who hold that it is a dangerous game, particularly for the children of a tender age. But the specialists opine that it can prove to be extremely effective, if the players follow certain safety rules.

First of all, never allow your children making tricks with the trampoline without the supervision of a responsible adult.

Don't try any complex tricks like somersaulting; if you are not trained in this particular trick and landing on your head or neck, it may cause serious injury to the point of death or paralysis.

Placing of the trampoline is very important. Place it in an area that is away from any kind of structures. Do not forget to place shock-absorbent material on the ground around the trampoline. Every time your child is climbing on it, inspect it thoroughly. Make sure of the placing of the frame padding before each use. Never make delay in replacing any damaged or missing parts.

Teach your child to Climb on and off the trampoline. Never allow him to jump straight from the trampoline to the floor: it is dangerous. Also see to it that your child does not learn to use the trampoline as a springboard to other objects.

Never allow the child to jump too high at the very beginning. Encourage him to bounce low as long as he does not acquire the basic control and become capable of consistently land in the center of the trampoline. So control first and then height.

It is important to teach your child the limit. Do not allow him to jump for too long and the moment you feel he is looking tired, instruct him to discontinue with the bouncing. Also do not allow more than one person on the trampoline at a time.

You can see, trampoline is like any other sports where you have to follow certain minimum level of safety rules. So follow the rules and be on the safe side. If you use the trampoline properly it proves to be wonderful experience for all ages.

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