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The Trampoline - or - The Most Fun You Can Have With Your Clothes On!

Author: Ellery Coleman

In today's culture of video games, television, and computer obsession, our youth spend entirely too much time inside the house doing nothing remotely physical. They are couch potatoes, mouse potatoes, or game controller potatoes. You name it and they can become mesmerized with movement on a screen. What can a parent do besides digging up the backyard and buying an expensive pool?

Parents can buy their little potatoes a trampoline. I know what you are thinking; the trampoline is old school equipment. People who think that a trampoline is so over don't understand one major rule of life. Everything old becomes new again.

When the Jones family buys an outdoor trampoline for their chubby house potatoes, the Smiths will surely take notice. The Smiths will take notice and watch with wonder as the former lazy children suddenly seem to satisfy their craving for excitement with the trampoline rather than their indoor activities. The formerly chunky Jones kids become less so and also seem healthier. It won't take long for the Smith children to start whining for their own outdoor or water trampoline. Now the trick here is to call the trampoline a fun machine. Never call it an exercise trampoline although mothers and fathers everywhere may find that they enjoy the exercise and jumps they do on the trampoline. That is, of course, if they can get the kids to give them a turn.

Problem solved or is it? You must keep the kids interested by purchasing a trampoline accessory at periodically. Never buy more than one trampoline accessory at a time. You must string out the trampoline accessory buying so that the newness never wears off. First you should buy a trampoline safety pad. I would buy this trampoline accessory before your kids are ever allowed on the trampoline. This is a great safety feature even if your kids are older.

The trampoline skirt adds security if you don't want to go to the expense of buying the aforementioned trampoline accessory items. This trampoline accessory is usually metallic grey and wraps around the trampoline for added padding. This padding also reminds your child that he/she is getting too close to the edge. Buying this trampoline accessory will also add to the life of your trampoline.

You can purchase a trampoline accessory that will enable your child to play basketball. The trampoline basketball set is not overly expensive and adds a new dimension to your kids trampoline. You might even invent some games for your kids to play on their trampoline. You could teach them trampoline wrestling before they invent the games themselves and get hurt. You would provide the rules and promote safety first.

Particularly if you live in an area prone to rain, you might want to buy a weatherproofing trampoline accessory. The trampoline cover is your cheapest trampoline accessory for rainy areas. If you really want to keep your trampoline dry and warm and allow your children to jump on the trampoline despite damp conditions, you might want to buy a very unique trampoline accessory. Your children would love the trampoline tent. Not only will your kids love jumping on their trampoline covered by a cool tent, but they can play fort with this trampoline accessory.

Even though trampolines are great for kids, they are also wonderful exercise tools. The new trampoline net rebounder is one of the coolest exercise trampolines made today. This exercise trampoline is compact and meant for inside the house. A video with instructions on the best trampoline exercises is included with your trampoline net rebounder. Exercise has never been so much fun.

If you have a budding gymnast or cheerleader, the gymnastics trampoline is the best kind to buy. Your child will be able to practice jumps, mounts, and dismounts using this wonderful trampoline. If your soon-to-be gymnast or cheerleader is still young, start with a child trampoline. Don't start with the largest trampoline on the market. Start with a child trampoline not a cheap trampoline. There is a major difference. The child trampoline is made with a child in mind. It is smaller and doesn't present as many safety issues. Never leave a small child alone with a trampoline. Learn to use the trampoline first and then teach your child with his/her safety foremost in your mind.

A trampoline is a wonderful way to get your family to have fun in the backyard without spending thousands of dollars. Parents and children alike enjoy the bouncing and jumping that a trampoline allows you to do. Remember don't tell your little potatoes that their bright, shiny trampoline is really an exercise tool. What they don't know might change their mind about their latest toy.

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