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A Half Time Show That Fans Will Remember

Author: Jimmy Cox

Here are listed a few ideas you might like to work out with the approval of your school principal, faculty activity advisor and basketball coach to liven up half-time at your basketball game.

1. Tumbling Exhibition by one of your high school gym classes. Gymnastics Exhibit. Parallel Bars Exhibition.

2. Trampoline Exhibition.

3. Tap Dance Exhibition.

4. Baton Twirling Exhibition.

5. Square Dance Exhibition.

6. Midget Basketball game. The smaller they are, the better.

7. Weight Lifting Exhibition.

8. Judo Exhibition;

9. Japanese Fencing;

10. Wrestling Exhibition;

11. Boxing Exhibition;

Available in some communities or at neighboring schools.

12. Comic Relay Race You need two teams with four persons on each team, two at one end of the gym, two at opposite end. Put some articles in a suitcase as a scarf, a corset, a large woman's hat, an umbrella, a long dress. Have No. 1 person on each relay team open suitcase, put on clothes, close suitcase, run to other end of gym, take off articles. No. 2 puts on articles.

This process is completed until No. 4 is attired and runs to other end of gym. Place a chair at the four corners of the gym. Have relay team on opposite sides.

13. Scooter Relay, or Tricycle Relay, or Wagon Relay. At the given signal of GO, No. 1 man takes off around the gym, staying outside the chairs. After each person on each team has circled once, the relay is over. Works better to have Faculty vs. Seniors, etc.

14. Glee Club or A Capella Chorus. Singing a group of novelty songs or any song which they are currently rehearsing.

15. Novelty Acts Somewhere in each town or city there is bound to be some combo or orchestra or acts which would serve as excellent halftime entertainment. Many times they need only to be asked.

16. Quartets, trios, and soloists. Hot piano player. Very young drummer. Always acceptable.

17. Elementary Band. Invite them to play during game or during half time.

18. Girls vs. Boys basketball game. Boys must use left hand only or play it like a regular ball game.

19. Girls Basketball Game dressed in football head gear and shoulder pads.

20. Girls' Gym Exhibition There are stunts and activities which the Girls' Physical Education Department put on that may be worthy of a half-time stunt. Contact the head of the P.E. Department.

21. Seeing-Eye Dog and Dog Obedience Exhibition. This should prove very popular and entertaining. Contact local clubs.

22. Adult Folk or Square Dancers' Exhibition. There is hardly a time when an organization couldn't show. You want the best in your community.

23. Song Fest. Have a top piano player and song leader. Put everybody through the singing of songs.

24. Yell Leader Try-Outs. If it fits in with your school schedule, have the future Yell Leaders try out.

25. Magician Exhibition.

26. High School Band Formation drilling on floor like football games.

27. Drill Teams. Local Drill teams usually have fine formations and pretty uniforms.

28. Volley Ball, Badminton, Golf Driving Exhibition. A well-organized exhibition of this kind can be done by local or neighboring experts. Quick installation of standards and nets takes very little time.

29. Sling Shot Sam, Lasso Expert Local man, contact through others who know of them.

30. Pom Pom Girls Special routines.

Final Comments

The planning and careful attention to details and needs of the performers are very vital. Clear with your coach regarding time. Make sure your stunt is approved by your principal or Faculty Advisor first. Any of the above will improve your basketball match. Try one of them.

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